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Mission Statement

One out of seven nurses will experience a problem with drugs or alcohol over the course of his/her career.

Appropriate, effective treatment can save a license, a career, and most importantly, a life.

The mission of Peer Advocacy for Impaired Nurses, LLC is to educate the profession and the public about impairment and to promote early identification, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of nurses whose practice may be impaired due to chemical dependency or other illnesses. Our goal is to provide information, referral to resources, consultation regarding job-related issues, and other education and prevention activities. All aspects of the program are conducted with compassion, dignity and confidentiality.

We also intend to promote public safety through participation of potentially impaired health care professionals, clinicians, faculty, and students, in monitored rehabilitation and recovery as an alternative to license discipline, emphasizing fitness to practice and retention of competent professionals.

Peer Advocacy for Impaired Nurses, LLC is committed to working in cooperation with regulatory and professional organizations toward this objective.

Mail: marijos@fuse.net

The Logo for Peer Advocacy for Impaired Nurses, LLC is a lighthouse on a churning ocean, with the Caduceus.

Follow the link below for more information about how the nursing profession is responding to this disease, and the stigma that is born of ignorance and is impeding the progress of treating those afflicted with this chronic, progressive, UNNECESSARILY FATAL DISEASE!

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