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Understanding addiction is part of my therapy as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Most survivors, including myself, have addictive behaviors and use addictive substances to shield us from the demons of our trauma. Some of us are addicts. This is part one of a four part story about two men fighting to overcome their addictions, fighting for their lives.

The Men

I purposely chose addictive behaviors instead of substance abuse to describe addiction, intervention, treatment and after care. Drugs and alcohol are classic addictions but carry so much emotional baggage that it is almost impossible for most of us to think clearly about them. Behaviors can be addictive, and addictive behaviors can be just as soul destroying as substance abuse.

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The first in a series of articles written by a very good friend working on healing from sexual abuse as a child. I have come to know this man very well as a result of supporting my father in his search for healing from childhood sexual trauma (CST). Scott is a knowledgeable, compassionate, fantastic man and friend. It is my pleasure and honor to share his journey with those who visit this web site.

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Dear friends and coworkers,


       I am so afraid. I think I'm going to die soon if I don't get help. I feel so alone and confused. I know now that I need help desperately but I can't tell anyone. If I confide in anyone I'll lose everything in my life that still has meaning. I have heard it said that what is wrong with me is a disease, but most of the nurses and doctors I work with say that people like me have no willpower, that we are weak, bad people. Of course they don't really know me, not the weak, bad me anyway. I have kept that part hidden for years. I'm am sure if they knew what was wrong with me they would hate me. I can understand that. I hate myself. I am so ashamed. Maybe it would be better if I just died. Now I'm just feeling sorry for myself. If I really wanted to get better I could, couldn't I? I have tried many times but I always fail. I should just ask for help, but if I do, I'll lose my family, my nursing license, my job. I'll probably get arrested, make the newspaper and maybe even go to jail. I have lied to everyone including myself. I have betrayed my friends, coworkers, and most importantly, my patients. How can I bring myself to tell anyone? I am so afraid. (Read the full letter here)

Articles About Addictions

From time to time I’ll include links to articles I think might be useful as we travel this road called recovery together. If “you’d like to share your experience, strength, and hope, send me your article/story and I’ll post it here. All submissions are reviewed for appropriateness before posting and may not be posted if I feel it’s not appropriate for this forum. Please do not mention anyone’s name, institutions, or agencies.