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About Wellness is a beautiful and powerful video message by Sarah Stewart Gomes that pays tribute to her mother, Jan Stewart , and warns viewers of the terrible toll that addiction can take on nurse anesthetists and their loved ones. Sarah's message struck a nerve and has been widely requested by directors of nurse anesthesia educational programs, state nurse anesthetist association presidents, peer assistance advisors, and members charged with and interested in creating awareness of addiction and other obstacles to wellness. It also speaks to ALL nurses about this devastating disease.


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National Council on State Boards of Nursing Publishes

“Manual on Substance Use Disorder in Nursing”

The manual is currently available online as a downloadable PDF file. It is to be published in the future. When I obtain that information I will post it here. Additional publications and presentations from the NCSBN regarding SUD in nursing can be found at this link, “Substance Use Disorder in Nursing Guidelines Forum”.

Healing Healers - A Twelve Step Retreat for Health Care Professionals

November 4-6, 2011

Hazelden Center City, MN at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center

Take a weekend this fall to enhance your recovery program and re-examine your spiritual fitness. Join us for a unique opportunity to reflect with other health care professionals in recovery, hear presentations by experts who specialize in addiction treatment for health care professionals, and experience the extraordinary fellowship of Hazelden's Dan Anderson Renewal Center.

Participants must have at least 2 months continuous sobriety.

Check out this cool new web site:

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