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There is an article titled, "When the State Board Calls: "Part I: Guidance from Nurse Attorney, Latonia Denise Wright". Ms. Wright is asked multiple questions about Board of Nursing Investigations. The recommendations are straightforward and helpful. I have worked with Ms. Wright and can personally attest to the value of her comments in this article. Please don’t make the same mistake so many nurses have made...trying to represent yourself because “it’s just the board of nursing”. That kind of thinking leads to sanctions, suspensions, and Consent Agreements, EVEN when the nurse did nothing wrong or made an honest mistake.


Be sure you hire an attorney with experience in representing a nurse before the board of nursing in your state of licensure and where the investigation is occurring. Hiring an attorney with experience before the board of medicine or other professional licensure agencies, but no experience before the nursing board may actually HARM your case, not help it. The board of nursing is an entirely “different animal” than other professional licensing entities. If you aren’t sure the kind of attorney to retain or consult with, contact the American Association of Nurse Attorneys to obtain the names of attorneys in your area.


“I can’t afford an attorney!” Obtain your own professional liability insurance with a licensure defense clause. The premiums are low (unless you’ve had or currently have action against you. Get a policy before that happens!) Having your own policy means your attorney fees will most likely be covered (discuss this with your professional insurance provider).


Follow the links provided for additional information, or contact me for additional information.


jack at jackstem dot com (you know what to do.)



Why Do I Need an Attorney? I didn’t Do Anything Wrong!

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys


National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys


Law Office of LaTonia Denise Wright, LLC License Defense Attorney in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana



Tina’s Virtual Office

Virtual Paralegal Services



Greg Stocks, CRNA, EJD

Law Med Consulting



“Every nurse today should carry their own professional liability insurance to protect themselves from the costs of legal and board of nursing action —even if they are covered by their employer.”

The American Nurses Association

Why Don’t Nurses Consult or Retain An Attorney When They are Being Investigated by the Board of Nursing!?

The reasons are many, but most of those reasons aren’t well thought out. In fact, there are very few “good” reasons for not seeking legal representation when your future practice as a nurse is on the line. Physicians, dentists, attorneys, or other “professionals” would face a licensing board investigation without an attorney. “Too expensive”, “it’s just the board of nursing”, and “I didn’t know I could have an attorney” are only a few of the reasons. DO NOT FACE THE BOARD WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

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