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Chemical dependence and substance abuse are the leading public health problems in our society. The average age for a child’s first experiment with controlled substances is between 11-12 years of age! It’s not marijuana or alcohol. It comes from Mom and Dad’s, or Grandma and Grandpa’s medicine cabinet! While addiction was accepted as a disease in the 1950’s, we have yet truly to accept it as a disease. Until we do, and begin treating it as such, the numbers will continue to rise.

Addiction Prevention Education Services, my old web site, has joined with Peer Advocacy for Impaired Nurses, LLC to provide information regarding the disease of addiction. While much of the information is focused on the disease in the nursing professional, there is information and links to information for anyone dealing with substance abuse and chemical dependence in themselves, a loved one, friend, or colleague.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, help is available!

If the problem is life threatening or in need of immediate help:

If you recognize the problem is urgent (for help identifying, signs and behaviors)

If you recognize that a colleague is in trouble (for help identifying, see signs and behaviors):

“Helping the impaired nurse is difficult, but not impossible. The choices for acting are varied.

The only choice that is COMPLETELY wrong is to do nothing.”

National Council for State Boards of Nursing

Recovering Health Care Professionals

Online Forum

Anesthetists in Recovery


AANA Peer Assistance Hotline:


Suicide Prevention Hotline:


ANA Impaired Nurse Resource Center

ASA Chemical Dependency Hotline:



The Web’s #1 Self Help Community

To the Addicted Nurse

Do you have prescriptions for controlled substances you no longer use? Keep them out of the hands of your children and others by taking them to a “Drop Box” location.

Click here to find a site near you.

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